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OnePlus Nord N100 4G LTE, 64GB, 4GB | GudWoork


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OnePlus Nord N100 - 4G LTE

OnePlus Nord N100 - 4G LTE, International Version

64GB ROM, 4GB RAM - GSM Unlocked | Colour : Midnight Frost

The N100 is OnePlus least expensive smartphone to date and it with plenty of hit and only a few misses. It's mediocre camera and plasticky build fail to impress But those concession are common at this price point. The qualities that matter most for DayIn-DayOut use display, performance and Battery Life & there the N100 does not compromise Among phones in the best price range, this one is a standout.
N100 measures 6.33 x 2.92 x 0.33 inches and weighs 6.6 ounces. Its a big phone, but thin and light enough to hold with one hand on long commutes.
6.52" 720 x 1600 HD+ 90Hz Refresh Rate dominates the front of the phone. The screen is bright colors and excellent viewing angles. Despite its 269 ppi.
On the back of the phone, you will find a Midnight Frost color. There is a slight texture that makes the N100 easier to hold, but it quickly accumulates smudge. The plastic feel very thin and produce a hollow thud when tapped.
In the top left corner, will find a rectangular camera module. The fingerprint sensor centered in the upper third of the backplate above the silver OnePlus logo is easy to reach and responsive.
Top of the N100 is bare a headphone jack, a USB C charging port & a speaker grille sit on the bottom. On the left side you will find a volume rocker and SIM / microSD slot. The right is home to the Power button. Even with small hand the buttons are easy to reach and click nicely when tapped.
Durability is what you had expect for a budget phone. No IP rating meaning any accidental drop in the sink will probably end in tear. Plastic frame and backplate should weather minor drop and dings just fine But the Gorilla Glass 3 display is unlikely to fare as well.
On the hardware front the N100 has a clear advantage to Play. Performance is solid for the price. The N100 handles basic tasks such as web browsing and streaming Netflix with ease. There an ever its so slight lag when opening apps or using the keyboard, but its not at all bothersome.
Gaming is pretty much a loss Sure you can technically run processor intensive game. But you will find it pretty frustrating. We played both for a few hours and experienced long load time and skipped frame. If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive gaming phone the Google Pixel is your best..
Macro lens is unsurprisingly bad. Our test shots were uniformly flat & soft. Thats been our experience with most smartphone macro lense, so we cant ding much phone too hard for this.
Front facing camera does an admirable it's good light. Photo were crisp and well defined, with natural depth of field. Low light photo on the other hand. Our test shots were muddy, flat & full of noise.
The N100 lacks a Night mode and some other features you will find on the more expensive But it does have a depth sensor for Portrait mode. In test, the depth sensor helped create a natural, though we did notice some issues with object mapping around the shoulder. Selfie camera is also capable of good portraits, But if you look closely, you will see some object mapping glitche there as well.
For a budget phone, the rear camera performs as well as we had expect. If you are a more serious upgrade and willing to pay premium for better cameras the Google Pixel 4a is the way to go.
Interface provides a number of customization options an improved Quick Setting menu, and a few apps - such as Gallery and File Manager that give Android stock options a run for their money. There also Zen mode which allow you to slow down by locking your phone and disabling notification for a pre-determined amount of time & Reading mode Which gives you the option of toning down the display colors or switching to grayscale for more eye friendly reading..

Technical Details

Manufacturer OnePlus
Colour Midnight Frost
Form Factor Smartphone
Other camera features Rear, Front
Device Interface - Primary Touchscreen
Other Display Features Wireless
Display Technology LCD
Wireless Communication Technologies Cellular
OS Android 10.0
Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required
Product Dimensions 6.33 x 2.92 x 0.33 inches

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